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Optimizing the Internal Processes by Implementing a Project Management Software System at ASG Nederland

Kondova, L.D. (2022) Optimizing the Internal Processes by Implementing a Project Management Software System at ASG Nederland.

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Abstract:This research was conducted under the supervision of ASG, a data analytics and consultancy company based in Delft, the Netherlands. The aim of the research was to find a way to increase the data reception rate that ASG’s heat- and water-allocation meters emit. This, however, was not an isolated issue that the company was experiencing. This fact was established by identifying and exploring the company’s problems and finding relationships between them. These issues, in ASG’s belief, could be optimized or eliminated via the adoption of a project management software system. As tens or hundreds such systems exist, the question was which one to select and based on what criteria to make such a selection. To understand the processes preceding the selection, a literature study was conducted. It revealed that there were certain aspects, such as the type of system source code and supported management methodology, that should be taken into account before the selection of a software system begins. Further, the study indicated towards the vast amounts of opportunities that existing systems offer, which later aided eliciting the requirements different stakeholders within the company had for a software system. These requirements were elicited through individual interviews with the help of a goal-oriented analysis and were later used in formulating the different criteria for finding a suitable software system for ASG. After establishing the criteria, the following step was to select a limited amount of project management software systemsfor evaluation. This included gathering information on the different systems through research and testing and later subjecting the selected systems to a comparison against each other, which indicated how each of them performed on the formulated criteria. The results were conclusive in favor of, which was adopted by a few of the company’s employees. After some time, these employees were interviewed individually about their experience with the use of The results were primarily positive when it came to the user experience aspect of the system. Moreover, the interviewees were unanimous about the potential they saw of the system in aiding ASG with achieving their objective. Lastly, recommendations were provided for ASG, which revolved around the establishment of certain guidelines for the successful use of the software system. The aim of these guidelines was to ensure that every employee would be ready to welcome the change in their daily activities, would be motivated to participate in it and would have sufficient knowledge on how to use the system in a way that would help them. Eventually, the general idea is that this collective work would create a more unison working environment, which would eliminate ASG’s problems to a certain extent, thus saving them time and money.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
ASG Nederland, Delft, Nederland
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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