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Optimisation of the pultrusion process for carbon fibre reinforced polyurethane spar caps

Berg, Maarten van den (2022) Optimisation of the pultrusion process for carbon fibre reinforced polyurethane spar caps.

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Abstract:In a world where green energy is starting to take over as the main energy source, wind turbines turn out to be invaluable. Wind turbine blades consist of several parts, one of which are the spar caps, which are used to ensure proper strength and the ability to maintain the right shape under loads. These spar caps can be produced using the pultrusion manufacturing process, in combination with a highly reactive polyurethane based resin system. However, not much is known about the curing behaviour of this material during pultrusion, and the resulting mechanical properties. This research studied these factors, and delved into the relation between the process settings, and the resulting degree of cure evolution, and final mechanical properties of the fabricated samples. A prediction model was created for the DOC, but will need to be updated in the future in order to achieve the final correct values. Furthermore, a design of experiment was made in order to properly perform trials on a pultrusion setup and verify the model. The samples fabricated in these trials underwent several mechanical tests, in order to obtain a relation between the process settings of the pultrusion line, and the final mechanical properties. As expected, higher temperatures led to a higher degree of cure, until a certain point. At the maximum temperatures, it turned out that more residual styrene was left in the system, which hinted at a lower degree of cure. A possibility is that the radical curing is taking place too fast at these values, meaning no more radicals are left before all of the isocyanate has been consumed, thus resulting in undercured samples. The mechanical properties for the highest temepratures were also slightly lower that those in the medium-range temperatures.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
AOC Resins, Zwolle, The Netherlands
Saertex GMBH, Saerbeck, Germany
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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