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Integration of autonomous mobility commerce into the current Dutch infrastructure

Sivaprakash, A.R (2022) Integration of autonomous mobility commerce into the current Dutch infrastructure.

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Abstract:Autonomous Mobility Commerce (AMC) entails mobile stores that can travel to consumer's homes without requiring manpower and can transform any parking lot into a possible 24-hour retail space. This study evaluates the potential of current Dutch infrastructure to accommodate autonomous mobility commerce. The research employs an inductive methodological technique to gather comprehensive information and perspectives based on literature research and participant interviews. Interview respondents from the Dutch town of Grou were overall optimistic about the concept of using AVs as transit lines to public transport, and to deliver purchases to the doorstep of customers, though some respondents stated their concerns regarding the safety of AMCs. Research establishes that the reasons for anxiety and perceived risks by some respondents surrounding AMC include fears about possible vulnerabilities, a lack of understanding of how AMC systems works, and concerns about unforeseen consequences like accidents. People perceive the benefits of using AMC to be that it may transform mobility purposes to reduce the number of accidents and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and can help with improving traffic flow to make travel more effective. However, the respondents also displayed idealized anticipations about the technological prowess of autonomous vehicles and most of them displayed a biased vision toward 2030. Overall, this thesis contributes knowledge on some of the factors which influence the social acceptance of AMCs in a specific population in the Netherlands and highlights some of the levers and barriers to the broader emergence of AMCs.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science, 88 social and public administration
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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