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User profiles for data quality models

Gebresilassie, Mesele Atsbeha (2011) User profiles for data quality models.

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Abstract:Massive geo-spatial data with heterogeneous characteristics produced from multitude of sources is being shared via SDI. The ever increasing user types coupled with diversified characteristics towards using spatial data and understanding and interpreting its quality information are having easy access to the data. However, users are facing difficulty in determine suitability of the shared data for their purpose. This research aims at devising a mechanism for different users to enable to determine fitness-for-use and serve spatial data based on their quality. User-profiling technique is used to search for spatial data based on fitness-for-use. The ISO 19113 standard quality elements, usage information, and geographic bounding box for spatial extent are used by prioritizing quality elements based on users’ preference. Explicit and implicit methods of user profile construction are used to devise a user profiles based system for addressing fitness-for-use for different user types from any data quality model. The system enables spatial data users of different expertise level in GIScience, access spatial data that fits their required quality requirements or applications. It delivers spatial data searching and recommendation services based on its quality. The system is implemented in a prototype for a cadastre domain on data acquired from theNetherlands cadastre of the Overijssel province. The prototype can effectively find spatial data based on specified quality requirements or applications in order of the users’ preference. User profiles for spatial data search can provide enhanced means of determining fitness-for-use as it provides a flexible means of searching based on specific quality requirement, applications and specific preferences of users. Based on the prototype implemented, user profile techniques in spatial data quality have good potential in addressing the problems of determining quality of data. By thoroughly assessing users’ spatial data use behaviors, a better means of delivering spatial data for users based on its quality can be achieved despite users’ expertise level in GIScience for any data quality model. Moreover, the continuously increasing number of user types and quality requirements can be better addressed by maintaining all profiles of a user in using spatial data based on its quality. Keywords Spatial data quality, fitness-for-use, user profiles, quality information system for spatial data, data quality model
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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