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Evaluation of the psychometric quality of a more inclusive mental health continuum short form version

Keiderling, André (2022) Evaluation of the psychometric quality of a more inclusive mental health continuum short form version.

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Abstract:This study focused on validating the revised version of the MHC-SF as well as comparing it to the original version, considering the psychometric performance of the two versions on both total and sub-scale level. The revised version included changes in the item formulation (items were simplified), as well as 4 new items were added to measure social well-being in terms of relational well-being. The assessed psychometric properties encompass the internal consistency, the factor structure, as well as the convergent validity. For assessing the convergent validity, self-esteem and life satisfaction were used as validating measures. The results showed that the revised MHC-SF performs equally well as the original MHC-SF in terms of internal consistency. The factor analysis disclosed an unambiguous 4 factor structure of the revised version, while the original MHC-SF version supported the 3-factor structure. However, zooming in on sub-scale level, it became apparent that the SWB scale of the revised MHC-SF performed noticeably better than the original SWB sub-scale. Furthermore, the convergent validity was found to be similarly strong in comparison to the original version. In conclusion, the revised MHC-SF showed comparable results as the original MHC- SF version in terms of internal consistency and convergent validity. Especially the SWB sub- scale showed some promising findings, as the new SWB items seemed to perform well. The reformulated SWB items however should some ambiguous results in terms of factor loadings, as some of the reformulated items loaded on multiple factors. Nevertheless, as of now the revised MHC-SF showed a promising psychometric performance and thus further validation should be advised.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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