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Police Use of Force : A Comparative Study about Use of Force Training in the Dutch and German Police

Haese, M.E. (2022) Police Use of Force : A Comparative Study about Use of Force Training in the Dutch and German Police.

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Abstract:This thesis researched the topic of Police Use of Force (PUOF) Training in the Netherlands and Lower Saxony, Germany, based on the idea that academy training impacts the understanding of responsible use of force. In recent years, the media heavily portrayed excessive use of force by the police, and researchers investigated possible causes like personal characteristics or a stressful working environment. In Europe, the idea that police training impacts disproportionate police force has appeared in the scientific realm. In a small-scale case study, personal experiences of police students and trainers from the Netherlands and Lower Saxony with the skills taught during the use of force training were researched. Interviews were conducted to answer the following research question: “How do Dutch and German police students and trainers experience the Police Use of Force Training in terms of educational programs, skills, and responsible use of force?”. A theoretical framework was created to highlight aspects of PUOF Training possibly linked to responsible use of force. Legal theoretical concepts, the design of educational programs, teaching methods, and non-physical skills necessary for police work were taken from existing literature to analyze the interviews and official course manuals for police programs at police academies. After comparing the findings from the study materials and interviews from each country, it can be said that there are few differences in the design and methods of academy training. There is also an overlap in theoretical background and non-physical skills taught to police students. This small-scale case study showed that, in the Netherlands and Germany, a connection between legal regulations, educational design and methods, and a combination of physical and non-physical skills training could be made to the perception of responsible use of force. For future research, more data should be collected to investigate the generalizability of these findings for police training in Germany and the Netherlands.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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