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GLOBE: is the research still relevant after almost 20 years? : Insights in the case of Germany

Latka, R. (2022) GLOBE: is the research still relevant after almost 20 years? : Insights in the case of Germany.

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Abstract:This paper aims to investigate whether the GLOBE study, which was originally established by Robert House, still applies within German companies or if new research should take place. The main goal is to help incoming managers to understand German culture. To stay in the limited timeframe only three out of nine dimensions were used. The following study includes Power Distance, Future Orientation and Performance Orientation as the main representatives. After eight interviews with different managers who does work within Germany at different levels and in different sectors, it is possible to conclude that an update of the GLOBE study is needed. Opinions, point of views, ideas, values and much more changed in the last decades. Younger generations are taking over. Due to a tight labour market, those individuals can select the most suitable job. Most of the times it is an employment in which they have the most freedom, power, and a high level of flexibility. Next to it, a constant change is taking place. To mention recent factors which lead to changes in the business environment: Covid-19, technology, sustainability and much more. In the results section the outcome of the interviews is being presented. During the next chapter the discussion does take place. A deeper look and reasons of why managers argued the way they did is being drawn. Less but still presence of Power Distance, a different approach of Future Orientation and a medium level of Performance Orientation are the main ideas. To conclude this research, a summary is included in which a look into future research takes place. Most crucial for this paper is the distinct evidence that an update of GLOBE should take place. Otherwise, managers from other countries could be confused and ill informed when they start working in Germany.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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