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“Exploring How B2C Customer Experience Literature Can Translate To a B2B Context Using a Case Study At a Textiles Company.”

Klement, Leon (2022) “Exploring How B2C Customer Experience Literature Can Translate To a B2B Context Using a Case Study At a Textiles Company.”.

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Abstract:Although customer experience is a saturated topic within the academic world of B2C markets, B2B applications are still catching up. Researching manners in which B2C theories apply to B2B topics can be interesting due to the overlap in characteristics of the two. Since experiences are becoming increasingly more important expressions for companies, showrooms are a part of the customer experience with potential for improvements. To address this topic, this thesis explores how theories about improving B2C customer experience, for example, the “Loyalty Loop”, translate to a B2B case. This was accomplished by executing a case study where a showroom experience of a B2B textiles company (New Wave Textiles) was designed using the design thinking process. The study used the following research question: How can the customer experience of B2B (textile) companies be improved by the use of an interactive experience design within the showroom? And how could this be used to monitor the customer’s thoughts?” This thesis is structured using the design thinking process (Empathize-Define-Ideate-Prototype-Test) and contains multiple iterations of ideation. The last chapter contains the implementation of the findings from the design process onto the literature which resulted in a proposed framework for future B2B showroom experience designs. The literature gathered for this thesis is on the topics of customer experience, brand experience, customer journeys, B2B customer experience, and showrooms. The design which resulted from the case study is an experiential digital portal that the account manager and customer can use during a showroom visit to explore product variations and information. This design enhances the customer experience by cutting out the manual conversion from the offline to the online journey.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
New Wave Textiles, Utrecht, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:02 science and culture in general
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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