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Internal requirements for E-land administration in Nepal

Ratnayake, R.M.S.B. (2011) Internal requirements for E-land administration in Nepal.

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Abstract:Improvement in the land registration system is a major challenge faced by many Land Administration (LA) organizations in the world, e.g. delivering reliable and timely services for adjudication, surveying, registration, storing, maintaining and supply of cadastral information . As Land Administration (LA) is an important sector of public service delivery, implementation of e-Government is applicable in this sector to achieve or deliver the services efficiently and effectively. The main objective of this research is to identify ways to improve e-LAS in Nepal based on user requirements for e-Government to provide better services to its users and improve the overall process of land registration. This study focuses on identifying user requirements and finding out the reasons of the gaps based on different parameters and finally to provide recommendations for policy and decision makers to design a land registration system based on those requirements which is expected to minimise or eliminates the gaps in future. This is a qualitative type of case study research in which the data are collected from interviews, observations and documents and then analyzed using descriptive methods. Firstly, this research reviews the existing situation in LAS and then concerns an overview of the cadastral system in Nepal including institutional, registration, legal and data handling technology aspects. As an example of modern LAS, an internationally renowned cadastre organization from the Netherlands (Dutch Cadastre) has been reviewed, especially to get acquainted with the institutional and technical need for e-LAS including the aspect of cadastre updating procedure. Some of the users‟ requirements have been identified from the case study based on the existing registration process, expectations of citizens about LAS, prior knowledge and comparison of the land registration process in the Netherlands. The requirements have been validated based on the supporting literature review and experts‟ opinion. Major gaps between G2G relations have been identified such as lack of data sharing practices, limited access to information, no demand driven organizations and delays in back response time. Similarly, major gaps between G2C interactions have been identified such as lack of efficiency of the process, lack of awareness about registration processes and service deliveries are far behind user requirements. Nineteen users requirements are identified which are classified into four main aspects of organizational situation, registration process, legal situation and data handling techniques. The main users requirements identified are a one stop shopping system, integration of land related products, lowest possible price, access to information, computerization of records, parcel-based systems and use of easy understandable identifiers. The research reveals that the concepts of e-Government are important drivers for the transformation of public services delivery and at the same time as cadastral system moves towards e-Government. It will be possible to evolve into border land information which can ultimately support in the sustainable development (economic, environmental, and social). The research concludes that user requirements can be fulfilled and the gaps can be eliminated by designing and implementing an e-Governance based system through which the service delivery can be made faster and efficient compared to the existing system. Changes in the existing laws, organization structure and technology are the pre requisites for this implementation. Proper workflow management with quality control is the other need for the implementation of newly designed system. Key words: Land Administration, e- Land Administration and User Requirements
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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