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Staying nuclear? : A historical analysis of stability and change in the German Nuclear Energy Strategy

Linneweber, Jana (2022) Staying nuclear? : A historical analysis of stability and change in the German Nuclear Energy Strategy.

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Abstract:This thesis focuses on periods of stability and change within the nuclear energy strategy of Germany. It examines German policy evolution against the backdrop of a multi-level governance system wherein the EU might be expected to influence policy making on nuclear energy in Germany. However, while the EU relies on nuclear energy as a firm share of its energy generation, Germany has decided to shut-down its nuclear power plants until the end of 2022 after the Fukushima accident. This change runs opposed to the stability observed in the EU. This thesis combines insights on stability and change from three theoretical perspectives - Historical Institutionalism, the Multiple Streams Approach and Punctuated Equilibrium theory - when examining policy evolution in the German energy subsystem. In three sub-questions, the strategies are presented and examined for path-dependencies, forces of stability and forces of change. The questions are answered using a mixed-methods approach of data gathered through key informant interviews, literature review, and policy documents. This data, in combination with the theoretical framework, points towards the institutional structures and policy history as key points of interest. These findings are relevant for theoretical insights on stability and change, but also for practical insights on policy evolution in the EU.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:European Studies MSc (69303)
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