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The city on ground and the city in mind: Linking city morphology and women's travel in Istanbul, Turkey

Khorsheed, Jowan Bayez (2011) The city on ground and the city in mind: Linking city morphology and women's travel in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Abstract:City morphology is known to affect the ways cities function, people moving around and liveability of neighbourhoods and places. Women, in particular, seem sensitive to the design, or morphology, of cities, thus affecting their travel. This thesis studies city morphology and women’s travel through the interrelation between urban geometry and activity patterns in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. However, the complexity of urban environment does not leave place for isolation between social and physical aspects of life. The main challenge in this research is combining the qualitative and quantitative aspects of travel and built up environment in terms of human social aspects, urban morphology and the interaction between both. To conduct this research fieldwork in Istanbul, Turkey was carried out. Street interview was conducted with women; questionnaires were collected besides drawing mental maps for their daily trips. , 97 samples were collected but there was lack of randomness in these samples because of time constraints during field work. Moreover, Istanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Centre in Istanbul, Turkey provide some of base maps for Istanbul. A framework was developed together with survey tools to trace women movement. Several stages were taken to analyze collected data in field. First, data was prepared in such a way so it can be analysed by means of GIS, scanning mental maps and digitize it, using SPSS and excel as statistical tool. Second, indicators for urban morphology and mobility were designed. In addition, spatial multi criteria analysis was carried out to combine urban morphology indicators and create activeness index. Afterwards, several GIS operations were applied to conclude the relationships between various indicators. One of these relationships was to distinguish areas of fear that women avoid in their daily trip route. Satisfactory results were achieved. It is found that women travel patterns in Istanbul is affected by activity locations and accessibility. Accessible location attracts trips more. Besides, richness of activity types mean richness in trips attracted to the location. However, travel behaviour is affected by the socio-cultural variance of women, trip purpose where it found that the most motivated trips are social trips. In addition, women activities and cultural aspect is connected to the spatial local characteristic of the place, where space syntax local integration parameters succeed to prove that the area with high concentration of activities is locally highly integrated. Women construct society while streets network shape the movement of women, connectivity of place explains its accessibility, local integration of roads explain its local richness while global integration explains urban unit’s boundary. In conclusion, urban morphology is highly linked to urban mobility, urban mobility is carried out by women activates and movements in Istanbul. Women perception in perceiving city problem is applicable where it has been tested by women fear area.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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