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Design of quantitative cost performance method for IT consumption in business ecosystems.

Sureshkumar, H. (2022) Design of quantitative cost performance method for IT consumption in business ecosystems.

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Abstract:The thesis presents a methodology for estimating the benefit value of IT service consumptions in business ecosystems. A business ecosystem is an environment of organizations and service providers working together to share collective values between responsible stakeholders. Currently, the literature shows Net Present Value (NPV), architecture analysis, business value propositions, Monte Carlos Simulation (MCS) and so on as quantitative analysis method of IT solutions in energy industries. ArchiSurance is used as an illustration example to explain the design of artefact i.e., the proposed method. In the proposed method, the sequence of steps was design of architectures, modelling E3 value and statistical model to determine probability of failure of an IT solution. The expenses are weighed against the advantages that emerge from that decision in a cost-benefit value analysis using the E3 value model. The E3 value model is a technique that is used to evaluate whether to pursue or not a defined course of action in IT goods and service delivery. Architectural specification possibilities are studied to understand the efficiency of an architecture pattern by showing how the IT services are delivered to the NOVs. Based on the stakeholder interviews, the proposed method was found to serve as centralised benefit value estimation technique that breaks information silos between different departments. Keywords: IT Strategy; cost; benefit value model; cost estimation; quantitative analysis techniques; IT consumption; business ecosystems.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Shell, Den Haag, Netherlands
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Business Information Technology MSc (60025)
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