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Estimation of tibial bone load during outdoor running with Inertial Measurement Units

Rijswijk, Nicolle T. van (2022) Estimation of tibial bone load during outdoor running with Inertial Measurement Units.

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Abstract:Tibial stress fractures are a common injury in running and are caused by overuse of the bone. Overuse injuries occur when repeated forces are applied to the bone without allowing for enough time to recover. Monitoring tibial bone load (TBL) could therefore be of interest in injury prevention. TBL is the sum of the external ground reaction forces and internal muscle forces on the tibia. At the moment, TBL is only estimated in a laboratory environment with markers and force plates. To monitor TBL in runners, force estimation should therefore be brought to the outside world and take internal forces into account. Two methods were developed to estimate TBL from IMUs and were compared against the results of the reference. No statistical differences were found between the two IMU methods and the reference indoor. Outdoor results showed similar estimated values to indoors for one method, and showed significantly higher results for the other method. This research showed that it is possible to monitor TBL with only IMUs outdoor, and contributes to the first steps towards injury prevention.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine, 50 technical science in general
Programme:Biomedical Engineering MSc (66226)
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