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Organization of bike-sharing in Berlin and Amsterdam

Peßler, V.C. (2022) Organization of bike-sharing in Berlin and Amsterdam.

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Abstract:This research investigated the organization of the bike-sharing systems of nextbike and Donkey Republic in Berlin and Amsterdam by means of a policy document analysis, stakeholder interviews and an expert meeting. It was found out that Berlin has a more stable bike-sharing system with more public support and positive attitude from the actors and society towards it. In Amsterdam, this is because of negative experiences with the flood of free-floating shared bikes in 2017, an already high cycling rate and scarce public space not the case. Therefore, the current experiments are a careful approach of the municipality to allow bike-sharing only on a small in scale in order to determine the potential value of it for the city’s mobility. In the end, Berlin could take Amsterdam as example in terms of more evaluation of their bike-sharing system to improve it, whereas Amsterdam could imitate Berlin in their attitude to give the bike-sharing system firstly enough space and time to develop and to become accepted and successful before drawing conclusions on their value. Goudappel and AEM Institute could in the future help municipalities in their efforts to establish an knowledge exchange network for bike-sharing if this is wished.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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