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Automation of the design process in water streams

Hermans, N.J.T.M. (2022) Automation of the design process in water streams.

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Abstract:In this BSc Thesis Assignment the possibility of automating the design process in water streams is investigated. This is done using the method of parametric design. In parametric design relations are created between input variables and the desired output variables. By doing so, the outputted design changes when the input variables are changed. In this way the design process can be sped up due to the fact that the repetitive task of calculating the same formula every time with different input values is taken over by the parametric model. The models are created with the help of an example project called the Keutelbeek. The research questions used in this thesis can be found below with the main research question on top in bold letters: • How can the design of water streams be automated? o What existing knowledge is there already in practice and can be used to model water streams? o What features have to be in the Keutelbeek model in order to create a parametric template for other streams? o Which and in what form must the input and output be in order to be usable? o How can de designed model be validated and does the model pass the validation? The automation of the design process is done using Dynamo which is an application within Civil 3D. With this application four different models are created which assist the designer when determining the route and design of the stream. The models indicate where it is impossible and possible to create a stream as well as where the stream does not fulfil to certain water requirements regarding discharge and flow velocity. Finally, the models help the designer with creating the stream bed lines at the correct location. The created models are only a small step in the innovation process when considering the possibilities of parametric design. Therefore further research is recommended. By automating steps in the design process of water streams and possibly other constructions as well, the designer can focus on the creative, conceptual, and engineering aspects of the design process which increases design quality.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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