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Prioritization ISO 19650-1&2 Certification. What knowledge line group do we start with?

Scheper, J.H.C. (2022) Prioritization ISO 19650-1&2 Certification. What knowledge line group do we start with?

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Abstract:Digital technologies have risen awareness in the construction market over the past decades. More specifically, Building Information Management enables close stake holder participation in a shared online environment, increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. For Movares, it is essential to keep up with the market and obtain certification for ISO 19650-1&2, the norms around Building Information Management in the delivery phase of project. However, it is yet unknown how this certification can be achieved within the knowledge line groups of Movares. Therefore, this bachelor thesis provides a recommendation for prioritization on ISO 19650-1&2 certification for the knowledge line groups of Movares. Each of the knowledge line group are involved in design and advice and focus on one more specific discipline. By performing one in depth interview at each knowledge line group, the current and desired situation of compliance to ISO 19650-1&2 can be mapped. This interview will contain statements in line with the content of ISO 19650-1&2 which are rated by the respondents on a Likert scale. Thereafter, the relevance of the norm can be found by comparing the current and the desired state, and the effort needed to obtain compliance can be found as well. These results can be compared between the knowledge line groups. Finally, a total score will be computed to find the prioritization of ISO 19650-1&2 certification at Movares including the relevance of ISO 19650-1&2 and the effort of becoming certified. As a result, it can be concluded that the prioritization of knowledge line groups focusing on design is the highest. For them, working in accordance with ISO 19650-1&2 will result in a better efficiency and a higher client satisfaction. Furthermore, miscommunications and risks considering timely delivery can be avoided. Next to that, even the knowledge line groups focusing on provision of advice benefit from information management as it can improve collaboration. Also, it was learnt that the knowledge line groups working on security installations and safe infrastructure already have useful information processes in place. However, the knowledge line groups in the line Digital transformation and IT show that certification is not directly relevant but understanding of the norms is crucial to facilitate supportive software for the other groups at Movares according to the respondents.
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