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An Approach to Visually Relate Annotations with GPS-tracks in the Space-Time-Cube

Song, Bingbing (2012) An Approach to Visually Relate Annotations with GPS-tracks in the Space-Time-Cube.

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Abstract:The Annotated-Space-Time-Paths (A-STPs) able to represent more attribute information than the conventional STPs. However, there is a high risk of visual clutter. In this study, multiple views are used to visualize the A-STP and visual clutter problem of the A-STP is discussed. Visual clutter can be introduced by three situations, multi-scale, multiple trajectories and high-density annotations. Solutions for each of the three situations are provided, discussed and evaluated. The theory of time geography and Space-Time-Cube (STC) is illustrated first. It emphasizes that time as well as location is a significant component of geographic object and STC is suitable to display the A-STP. Some use cases are discussed and some of their concepts can be applied in this research. Then the annotation and STP are analyzed. They are both geographic objects and their combination is A-STP. Their characters are analyzed. The “Triad framework” is used to link annotation and STP. To visualize the A-STP, visual variables are analyzed both in 2D space and in 3D space and their applications on annotation and STP are discussed. Based on the above aspects, a conceptual framework is created. At the overview level, the visual clutter introduced by high-density annotations can be solved by aggregation. Visual clutter introduced by multi-scale and multiple trajectories are solved at zoom/filter visual level. Finally, a usability evaluation is made to explore different solutions for annotation aggregation at the overview level. Advantages and disadvantages of each solution were stated by participants. Key Words: STP, annotation, A-STP, visual variables, visual clutter, multi-scale, multiple trajectories, annotation aggregation
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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