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Linking an Existing ABM for Disease Diffusion with a Social Network Analysis and Visualization Module

Darwish, Molham (2012) Linking an Existing ABM for Disease Diffusion with a Social Network Analysis and Visualization Module.

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Abstract:Health is the most essential and basic element for human being. For this, modeling the spread of diseases is considered one of most important aspects in the geo-information sciences nowadays. Studying these models from social network perspectives becomes more significance, because it determines social relationships between individuals, and how these relationships could influence the disease diffusion over a network of relations, as well as analyze how the spread of information about the disease could change the behavior of individuals. In order to study the network features of a disease model, an existing spatially explicit simulation model for the spread of pertussis that has been developed using Repast Simphony software, has been used as base to analyze the social relationships network using a software library that includes number of features to measure the network elements and visualize it graphically. An integrated methodology has been introduced to incorporate the existing model with a social network analysis library, in order to study the social interaction network features of the model and change the behavior of agents according to the spread of information about the disease. This methodology has been conceptually discussed by developing a conceptual framwork and explained in order to translate the theoretical concepts into implementation. Number of standalone frameworks and libraries for the social network analysis are reviewed and evaluated in order to find an appropriate structure for representing the network elements. An implementation plan has been conducted in order to realize the conceptual framework, and a number of experiments have been carried out to get variety of outcomes which have been analyzed in order to verify and validate the extended model. Depending on the work accomplished in this research and the outcomes, a list of conclusions and recommendations to improve the work and develop it including the implementation of the broadcasting of the information system with awareness level system and change the individuals’ behavior accordingly. Keywords: social network analysis, network visualization, social interaction network, social network measures, Repast, disease diffusion, change behavior.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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