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Integrating community participation for urban redevelopment planning in Zanzibar Town

Auma, Shareen Lucy Atieno (2012) Integrating community participation for urban redevelopment planning in Zanzibar Town.

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Abstract:Past urban redevelopment planning initiatives in the developing countries have largely been criticised due to; (i) top-down planning frameworks, and (ii) lack of involvement of the targeted beneficiaries which have led to misplaced interventions contrary to the perceived needs of the populace. Moreover, post-implementation of many urban redevelopment initiatives, have culminated to gentrification soon after their conclusion. These failures have led to numerous authors and researchers advocating for a new paradigm shift focusing on participatory approaches in redevelopment strategies. The study focussed on evaluating Zanzibar’s planning structure, comparison of community and experts/policy makers’ perspectives on qualitative perceptions of an informal neighbourhood and the participation component in an anticipated neighbourhood redevelopment initiative. The study identified that Zanzibar’s planning has no participation component and is sector-based and lacks coherent coordinated efforts. It was also revealed that significant differences exist between experts and local residents’ perceptions of quality of the neighbourhood earmarked for redevelopment. Employing a case study approach, the study’s aim was to determine and concurrently employ a Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS)-based methodology redevelopment framework. Focus group discussions, geo-coded textual narratives and photographs, participatory mapping are some of the PGIS tools that were used to illustrate the integration of community participation in urban redevelopment planning process. The emerging framework was found to be effective in creating awareness, eliciting and ascertaining local spatial knowledge, reconciling different perceptions held on neighbourhood variables, visioning redevelopment constructs, policy formulation, and data retention for an anticipated informal neighbourhood redevelopment initiative. Keywords: neighbourhood, participation, PGIS, redevelopment, urban informality
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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