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The current and future flood situation, Bwaise III, Kampala, Uganda, Africa

Chogyal, Jigme (2013) The current and future flood situation, Bwaise III, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.

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Abstract:This study is carried out in Bwaise III, a subsection of Kampala, Uganda that is affected by floods every year. Heavy rainfall causes the overflowing of the drainage systems which causes widespread nuisance and disturbances. This study analyses in detail the functioning of the current drainage system, but also the effects of major enlargement works of the primary drainage channel. Such studies could be the basis for the local authorities and the public to initiate flood preparedness and mitigation works proactively. The main objective of this study is to analysis the current and future flood situation in Bwaise III, Kampala, Uganda and to evaluate the effectiveness of flood mitigation actions by the inhabitants and of the new enlarged primary drain. This study will focus on the effects of the small dikes constructed around the buildings and of the drainage blockage by garbage and siltation. Their effect on the flood characteristics were assessed for both the present (current primary drain) and future (enlarged primary drain) scenarios. The SOBEK 1D2D flood simulation software was employed to simulate and analyse the flood characteristics for all the scenarios. The model results for the current scenarios were calibrated using the observed flood depth data from the June 2012 flood event. The flood depth and extent of the future scenarios were smaller than that of the present scenarios showing the positive effects of the enlarged primary drainage. However, drainage blocking by garbage and siltation will increase the flood depth and extent significantly. In both the scenarios, the small dikes around the buildings reduce the flood extent but slightly increase the flood depth. In this study it was found that SOBEK 1D2D is very good at simulating these kind of floods, however, this study also showed that the simulation results are very sensitive for the digital elevation model (DEM), the surface roughness map and the upstream boundary conditions. Uncertainties in these data affect the model results seriously. Keywords: SOBEK 1D2D, DEM, Surface Roughness, Boundary Condition.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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