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Designing an informative visual tool to explain the application of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) in business parks.

Bertana, Alessia (2022) Designing an informative visual tool to explain the application of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) in business parks.

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Abstract:This research aims to discover how to visually and informatively communicate the application of V2G in a business park towards Dutch sustainability officials and entities with a large-scale PV installation under supervision of Enodes, client of this research. At the start of the project, the constraint that the tool should be both visual and informative, was given. Within the research, it was investigated how the implementation of V2G works within a business park. Research showed that, to convey this information properly through a visual and informative tool, the aspects clarity, coherency, conciseness, engagement, unity were important to consider, when creating the animation. To convey the story, an animation has been created, which is called ‘Can V2G solve net congestion?’ The animation includes the definition of net congestion and V2G. It sketches the energy flow and peak shaving in a business park, once V2G is used. Both advantages and challenges with regard to V2G in business parks have been mentioned to provide an unbiased, and therefore informative story. The animation was positively received by the client, Enodes. They think that the animation serves its purpose by showing the relevance of V2G, when implemented in a business park. They stated that the animation was very clear, coherent and visually attractive. Through user evaluations with Dutch sustainability officials, EV owners, entities with a large-scale PV installation, a V2G expert, and an expert in storytelling and oral communication, the product was evaluated. These evaluations showed that most of the requirements were successfully implemented in the final product. All in all, the animation was perceived as a promising final prototype.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Enodes, Lelystad, Netherlands
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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