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Map-based Stated Preference survey approach for parking location choice

Wang, Yan (2013) Map-based Stated Preference survey approach for parking location choice.

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Abstract:Parking is regarded as an important component in contemporary urban transport planning. Insufficient urban parking facilities and increasing parking demand have led to deconcentration, relocation of manufacturing and demands of resetting government policy. Therefore it has become imperative to think on how to arrange the superfluous parking demand in limited parking facilities. To solve this parking imbalance problem, there are several alternative solutions. For developing effective solutions it is necessary to study the parking behaviour and parking choice. Stated preference (SP) experiments are becoming increasingly popular for investigating travel behaviour in general and parking location choice in particular. Two known SP methods are Contingent valuation and Stated choice modelling. Interviewees are presented with options varying in attribute values. These are usually presented numerically or textually or using pictograms (or combinations thereof). SP experiments based on maps have not been tried yet for location-based SP problems, which possibly reduce external validity problems. At the same time, it might pose other challenges like how to depict information accurately on the maps. In this research, two map-based Stated Preference approaches have been developed, and compared. Instead of showing the alternatives in textual form, the scenarios, alternatives, attributes of the SP approach are all shown using maps. This makes that the alternatives have an explicit spatial connotation, making the distance to CBD attribute more real. At the same time it is also introducing possible ‘other’ locational preference information not attributed for the study. This more visual SP form reduces the risk of loss significant information or mischaracterization. Two websites were set up for the two kinds of map-based Stated Preference approaches in this research. The user interfaces consist of maps and questions. The participants make their choices and fill in the questionnaires, after which the results are directly collected and integrated by the background process. A small-scale survey investigating the parking lot choice of Enschede was conducted. With the implementation of the new developed instruments and the analysis of the data collected by the instruments, the feasibility of the map-based approaches has been checked. In addition, alternative utility maps of parking lots in Enschede were been made as an illustration of possible further application of the survey results. Finally, based on the lessons learned during the implementation, suggestions for further uses of the map-based survey approaches are presented. Keywords: parking location choice, Stated Preference approach, Map-based Contingent valuation method, Map-based Choice modelling method, parking policy
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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