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Discovering multilayered triads within a geriatric healthcare service ecosystem to steer innovation

Dusink, G.F.C. (2023) Discovering multilayered triads within a geriatric healthcare service ecosystem to steer innovation.

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Abstract:The Covid-19 pandemic revealed problem areas in healthcare ecosystems around the world, also in the Netherlands where serious concerns about the aging population lead to doubts related to the future sustainability of the Dutch healthcare system. The importance of accessible healthcare services will keep rising with the increase of elderly citizens, especially within rural areas that are not easily traveled. This research visualized the existing healthcare ecosystem in Gelderland-Midden by coding fifteen interviews with relevant actors in the geriatric healthcare industry according to the ARA model, which resulted in an overview of a network consisting of thirty-eight interconnected actors. Three online-platform related solutions based on resources were proposed by an online platform provider: ‘Match’ that enables the user to search and schedule an appointment with the providers with the best-matching clinical expertise and the lowest waiting times. ‘Connect’ that enables the users to securely exchange data such as, health records. And ‘coordinate’ that helps healthcare teams to collaborate effectively and to deliver the right care at the right place, using a real-time communication platform. These solutions are combined with the different resource ties within the elven found multilayered triads giving an impression of the impact that each solution will have once implemented. This research provides a recommendation based on this impact to reveal the solution where the amount of effort spend would yield the best results. This research can aid the implementation of the three previously mentioned online-platform based solutions to increase the sustainability of the geriatric healthcare ecosystem in Gelderland-Midden.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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