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“Let’s take the TV!” The effect of leadership emergence on the outcome of a virtual burglary

Bonekamp, Felix (2023) “Let’s take the TV!” The effect of leadership emergence on the outcome of a virtual burglary.

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Abstract:Most of the research on burglary decision-making was done on solo offenders. With this research, we aimed to inspect leadership emergence in co-offending burglaries, while considering the difference in speaking time and contribution of the participants as indications of leadership emergence. This paper aimed to give an implication on whether leadership emergence influences the outcome of the burglary. To measure this, a virtual burglary was carried out in a virtual environment while using VR technology. Hereby, two participants worked collaboratively as a pair to burgle the target house. Afterwards, participants were presented with a questionnaire, where, amongst others, leadership emergence and the quality of the cooperation were measured. We found that leadership emergence did not significantly affect the outcome of the burglary. The participants estimated their contribution to be evenly distributed. Moreover, the talk ratio slightly differed between the participants. Therefore, based on our used indicators of leadership, no leadership emerged. Moreover, the quality of cooperation was not influenced by the emergence of leadership, which also may be explained by the fact that no leadership emerged. Lastly, the virtual reality experience overall was satisfactory, in terms of high achieved presence and co-presence, but also because the experienced cyber-sickness did not negatively affect the participants’ task performance. All in all, this study proves that VR can be an effective tool in examining the decision-making and leadership emergence of a co-offending burglary. The study was of value because it presents various measurements on how to inspect leadership emergence in a virtual burglary and we count on future research that implements and refines our used measurements, so that leadership emergence in co-offending burglaries can be further examined.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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