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Differences in the adoption of an open strategizing method by a private organization versus a public organization: A qualitative study

Heijt, Martijn (2023) Differences in the adoption of an open strategizing method by a private organization versus a public organization: A qualitative study.

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Abstract:Open Strategy is becoming an increasingly studied topic by researchers and practitioners. Open Strategy approaches take strategy in a direction that involves transparency and inclusions for stakeholders. Furthermore, other promising benefits of Open Strategy include more commitment, joint sense-making, and organizational creativity. An approach that consists of Open Strategy principles is the A3 approach that Dr. H.J. Doeleman has developed. This approach is widely used in the Public Sector in the Netherlands but has yet to be widely adopted by the Private Sector. Therefore, this study will focus on applicability and the motivations for a Private Organization to adopt the A3 approach. An explorative case study has been conducted at a large Private Organization active in the automotive industry. Longitudinal research is undertaken to get knowledge in three moments with the Private Organization. Additionally, interviews were held with three employees of a Public Healthcare organization currently working with the approach to gain insights into their motivations for adapting and using the A3 approach. The research results show that motivations for the Private Organization are slight potential improvements in strategic alignment, progress monitoring, and transparency. The Organization expects only remote results because of its well-developed current method that proves successful with the much-integrated lean culture. This implies that results will be different for various types of private organizations. Interestingly, the Public Domain implied motivations very closely in line with the findings at the private organization. However, there were differences in the type of cultures between the organizations. Nevertheless, this suggests that the differences in the adoption rate between the sectors are not due to the contents of the A3 approach. Additionally, the research finds that the A3 approach well supports the belief systems of an organization, and it would integrate the core values sufficiently into the Private Organization.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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