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How does consumers' perception of service quality impact their overall satisfaction with a business or organization?

Ibrahim, Marwan (2023) How does consumers' perception of service quality impact their overall satisfaction with a business or organization?

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Abstract:Purpose – There has been a tremendous increase in service demand in the fitness sector resulting in the flourishing of gyms. Many factors can be attributed to this increment but just to mention a few: the growing health and fitness awareness sensitizing the importance of exercising and being fit, age inclusivity where both young and old can get appropriate services, penetration of international brands leading to diseases like diabetes and obesity, the growth of gym culture as people seek great health and long life, gyms provide accessibility to a variety of equipment (cardio & strength machines, weights, boxing kits, etc.), availability of personalized fitness training programs and rise in personal disposable incomes enabling the gym expenditure as a lifestyle. Like any other service industry, this booming sector has to obey the rule of customer satisfaction in order to see its growth to greater heights/ levels. With regard to this fact, this study aims to understand better the components that contribute to service quality perception and customer satisfaction, as well as to determine which of these aspects has the most effect on service quality perception. Methodology – The research follows a qualitative approach where the qualitative data was analyzed using thematic analysis. The qualitative data were collected using the Trustpilot method where customer reviews of the sampled gyms were gathered from the Trustpilot online community as well as google reviews. The scope of the study was gyms located in Amsterdam. A sample of eight gyms was selected. Ten customer reviews were selected for each gym from Trustpilot online community and google reviews, for analysis. Results - There are five factors that contribute to the service quality of a business: responsiveness, reliability, tangibility, assurance, and empathy. It is important to note that service quality is one of the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. All these five factors are important to ensure the service quality of a business but, tangibility, empathy, and assurance play a more necessary, general, and inclusive role and therefore must be stressed on. Also, the gyms in Amsterdam are doing good, basically above average, but need to improve on a number of things: the customer care services, enhancing the safety of the gyms, streamlining the service pricing to ensure its static and official, and prioritizing customer needs, comfortability and satisfaction
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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