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Does the Covid-19 pandemic change the way women and men experience flourishing? A LIWC analysis

Maggiore Welzel, S. (2023) Does the Covid-19 pandemic change the way women and men experience flourishing? A LIWC analysis.

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Abstract:The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on various aspects of our lives in recent years. However, it is still unknown whether the pandemic had an impact on our flourishing experience. To answer this, this study examined how individuals experienced flourishing before (2019), during (2020), and after (2021) the Covid-19 pandemic. A qualitative between-subject study design was used to collect data from 230 participants in three surveys. To analyse the qualitative data of the three separate cohorts, the software Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) and the statistical analysis software SPSS were used. The results showed that the Covid-19 pandemic had a minor impact on how individuals describe flourishing. Significant differences were found only in the LIWC categories Present and Occupation. Also, gender differences were examined, a two-factor ANOVA showed no significant interaction between the factor’s year and gender. Significant differences between female and male participants were only found when all three samples were considered together. To describe flourishing, men used more words in the category’s Money and Motion, and women more often used social terms and terms related to physical states and functions. However, the findings suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic did not affect men and women differently in terms of their perceptions of flourishing and the study rather indicates general language use differences than differences in flourishing.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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