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User Experience based Possibility-driven Garden design

Blonk, Anthonie (2023) User Experience based Possibility-driven Garden design.

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Abstract:This master assignment considers the development of an experience-based possibility-driven garden design framework for the garden design agency TIM Exclusive Gardens B.V. The framework is developed through a research through design process in which a reverse research through design analysis and literature research into human centred design methods is combined with trial design processes. The framework aims at gaining a proper understanding of the potential end-users to design gardens that suit their personality. The central part of the framework is the Meaningful Session in which the designer gets an understanding of the client through an in-depth conversation about the past or imaginative future experiences. The session revolves around the keywords meaning, happiness, greatness, and pleasure. The session includes the questions what, why, and how to find design input for respectively the behavioural, reflective, and visceral aspects of the future garden elements. During the experience analysis phase, the locations of the potential future experiences are sketched on the Experience Plan, a Moodboard is created, and the template Total Garden Experiences is substituted. Together with the List of Requirements, this forms the starting point for the iterative possibility-driven concept design. In the tentative design phase, the designer then validates design choices with the Checklist Meaningful Design and presents visuals of the new garden design to the clients to validate and test for experiences. In the evaluation phase of the graduation project, the entire framework is analysed in light of literature about intersubjectivity, commercial friendships, Method-Content Theory, and the method of Human-Centred Innovation, to find implications and validation for future use potential.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
TIM Exclusive Gardens BV, Doetinchem, Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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