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Automation of finding the optimal plate position for a 3D planned osteotomy

Verhulst, D.A. and Tromop, C.R.L. and Bouwen, I. and Hoogstrate, L. (2023) Automation of finding the optimal plate position for a 3D planned osteotomy.

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Abstract:A high tibial osteotomy is a surgery that corrects deformities of the tibia by means of a incision in the bone. A fixation plate is screwed onto the bone to hold the segments in place. The placement of the fixation plate is virtually planned prior to surgery and is done freehand. This takes a lot of time and skill of the technical physician and the actual anatomy may differ from the 3D planning. The aim of our research is to automate the virtual planning of a fixation plate with a program that finds the optimal position for the plate based on parameters that describe the position objectively. We have written multiple basic MATLAB functions that are all used in an app that calculates the optimal plate position. There are multiple input parameters, so the user can adjust the plate position to their wishes. After the optimal position is found, the output parameters which define the plate position are calculated. If both the surgical window and the wedge are correctly segmented and the parameters are chosen reasonably, the script will deliver a good plate position, in an acceptable place and with low bone contact. Increasing the search area resulted in varying plate positions, raising doubts as to whether the found position can truly be considered optimal. The parametrisation of plate positioning does open the door for gaining new insights on what the optimal plate position for individual patients is, leading to better outcomes and quality of life for the patient.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
OCON, Hengelo, Netherlands
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine, 50 technical science in general
Programme:Technical Medicine BSc (50033)
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