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The Public Attitude towards Restorative Justice: The Impact of Knowledge, Justice Orientation, and True Crime Entertainment

Jaskiewicz, Sophie (2023) The Public Attitude towards Restorative Justice: The Impact of Knowledge, Justice Orientation, and True Crime Entertainment.

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Abstract:Research on public opinion on criminal justice reveals the public’s lack of understanding regarding non-traditional justice methods, like restorative justice. This relatively new concept opens a window for approaching crime based on restoring victims’ needs and rehabilitating offenders. The goal of restorative justice is not to punish the offender but to restore the balance of shared justice values among victim, offender, and community. However, the public’s lack of knowledge about restorative justice could make it harder to accurately assess their attitude towards it. The goal of this research is to investigate whether knowledge of restorative justice has an influence on people’s beliefs of restorative justice aspects and whether a restorative justice orientation aligns with people’s preference for restorative justice goals. Additionally, due to the rising true crime industry with its podcasts, documentaries, and TV shows, it is investigated whether interest in this type of entertainment negatively influences the public’s attitude towards restorative justice. Results showed that knowledge of restorative justice was related to people’s belief in restorative justice’s effectiveness. Similarly, restorative justice orientation was found to have an influence on whether people prefer restorative justice goals. However, contrary to expectations it was not found that knowledge of restorative justice has an impact on people’s belief in the punitiveness of restorative justice. Furthermore, the expected negative influence of true crime entertainment on belief in restorative justice’s effectiveness or punitiveness has not been observed. Suggestions for future research, which examine what underlies public attitude towards restorative justice have been made.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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