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Menstrual cycle support technology

Dijkman, S. (2023) Menstrual cycle support technology.

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Abstract:The aim of this thesis is to develop a menstrual cycle support technology that is able to help and guide first time menstruators through their first couple of years of menstruating. To know the characteristics and needs of the target group, online surveys are sent to women above the age of 18 so they can reflect on their own first two years of menstruation. After this, a brainstorm was conducted of all possible functions a period tracking app can have, and with the MoSCoW method the most useful functions were selected based on the results of the online survey. After the application has been fully developed, the user evaluation process was started where seven women tested the application and gave their feedback based on their experience using it. With all of the information gathered from the different chapters of the thesis, the research questions that were introduced in the first chapter were answered in the conclusion together with a look into what future research might look like. The online survey showed that especially during the first two years of the participant’s menstruation their period was incredibly unregular, meaning that they were not prepared most of the time. They mentioned that a period tracker app should clearly state to the user when their next period will arrive, together with a nicely designed calendar that visualizes this. Next to prediction, participants also mentioned that there were many menstrual-related subjects they were uneducated about during their first two years of menstruation and that they would have liked to have been informed about these subjects during this period of time. Based on these findings, the application went into development and seven women agreed to do an user evaluation to see if the product actually works as a well-developed menstrual tracking app for first time menstruators. The results of the user evaluation showed promising results, with most participants stating that the application is well-designed and appropriate for the target group. The participants also mentioned some feedback points about some functions that could be added.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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