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Facilitating Student Socialisation at the University of Twente: A Location-Based Gaming Approach

Collin, N.S.L. (2023) Facilitating Student Socialisation at the University of Twente: A Location-Based Gaming Approach.

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Abstract:The transition to university life presents students with numerous challenges, ranging from the assimilation of large volumes of information to social integration into a new environment. This thesis explores the research question, ”In what manner can a location-based game facilitate the socialisation process of (new) students at the University of Twente?”. The objective of this thesis was to develop a location-based game that motivates students to explore the campus, interact with their peers, and become familiar with the campus culture. The importance of facilitating a smooth transition for students entering university life was highlighted, given the wealth of new information they encounter and the transformative experiences that await them in this new phase. The game aims to provide a unique approach to student integration. It seeks to foster face-to-face social interactions, promote exploration of the campus, and familiarise students with university culture. The game’s design, usability, and effectiveness in addressing its goals were evaluated through multiple rounds of user testing and interviews. Notably, while the game effectively promoted social interaction and encouraged exploration of the campus, certain design elements, such as the cloud feature, did not function as effectively as expected, indicating areas for improvement. Additionally, the game showed potential in familiarising students with campus culture but still has room for development to fully encapsulate the university’s social landscape. This research illustrates the potential for a location-based game as a tool in facilitating the socialisation process for new students at the University of Twente. These findings offer valuable insights for the design of future location-based games, particularly those intended to foster community and encourage socialisation within higher education environments.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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