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Cost-effectiveness analysis of 68GA-NODAGA-EXENDIN-4 PET/CT for localizing insulinomas

Gramsbergen, Maarten J.E. (2023) Cost-effectiveness analysis of 68GA-NODAGA-EXENDIN-4 PET/CT for localizing insulinomas.

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Abstract:Thesis is aimed at determining the cost-effectiveness of a Dutch care pathway that incorporates 68GANODAGA-EXENDIN-4 PET/CT (from now on referred to as Exendin), a newly developed medical imaging technique for localizing insulinomas. Insulinomas are neuroendocrine tumors that can form in the pancreatic beta cells and are the main cause of a condition called adult endogenous hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia (AHH). Current imaging techniques are e.g. CT, MRI and DOTA. Exendin has a better accuracy, but is more expensive than current imaging techniques and during this thesis I will attempt to determine if a care pathway incorporating Exendin is more cost-effective at the relevant willingness-to-pay (WTP) threshold in the Netherlands. The cost-effectiveness will be determined by finding the average net monetary benefit (NMB) at the relevant Dutch WTP of the current care pathway and of four care pathway variants incorporating Exendin.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management MSc (60029)
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