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Food Swap

Baltussen, Sofia Anna Lucia (2023) Food Swap.

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Abstract:This bachelor thesis investigates in what way an interactive device can be designed for students to maintain motivation to keep making food swaps, which generates also social connectedness and support. There is a growing issue of obesity in Europe and there are various diet plan which aims at helping individuals in getting a more balanced diet. The problem is that a lot of individuals struggle to maintain such a diet, and therefore it is not always effective. Students often have the problem that they have less healthy food habits. Eating less vegetables and fruit and eating for convenience, not having enough time to properly prepare some healthy food. Furthermore, they experience less support from their peers for healthy eating, which does not help in the process of eating healthy. Het Voedingscentrum, the Dutch Nutrition centre, came up with the idea of ‘de eetwissel’, ‘the food swap’. The idea is making small, easy and healthier food choices within a person’s daily day which can eventually lead to big impacts in the long term. This approach offers the possibility of achieving a healthier and more balanced diet without having to make drastic or difficult changes all at once. The research question in this thesis aims on designing an interactive device that generates social connectedness and support among students to maintain making food swaps. This problem will be investigated by first doing literature research and after, holding interviews with students and then brainstorming about many different tangible devices that could potentially help the students. The conclusion of the literature research and the first interview were that the device should have a few requirements; social connectedness/support, inspiration, motivation, goal-setting, and awareness. Social support and social connectedness are considered the most important requirements. The ideas gotten from the brainstorming were evaluated with the help of the requirements and downsized. The evaluated ideas were again reviewed by the target group and again downsized and improved to five final concept ideas. The final five concepts were evaluated by the target group. The two ideas that came out best were the HouseCookbook and the LightCalendar. The most important elements which also these designs included were inspiration, social connectedness, social support, and motivation. A feeling of competition helped people also to get more motivation. All the mentioned elements can be implemented in various ways, there is not only one right way to implement those elements.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:10 humanities in general
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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