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Motion control of IRONSperm clusters in a vascular model

Braks, R.J.M. (2023) Motion control of IRONSperm clusters in a vascular model.

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Abstract:Biohybrid microrobots can possibly be used for in vivo targeted drug delivery since they can reach hard-to-reach places without invasive surgery. In this paper, the control of an IRONSperm biohybrid microrobot inside of a vascular network is investigated. In order to achieve this, the vascular network was imaged. The centerline of a path throughout the phantom was acquired. This reconstruction is the foundation for the motion of the rotating magnet has to make in order to guide the rolling IRONSperm cluster through the vascular network. The locomotion parameters of the IRONSperm cluster, the rolling velocity and actuation distance, are determined. Because of the rolling locomotion, the cluster can only be controlled in one plane simultaneously. Because of this, an alternative way was used to guide the IRONSperm cluster in the third direction. By use of magnetic attraction, the IRONSperm cluster was transferred to the top of the vascular network, after which the attractive forces could handle the inclining parts of the vascular network. This principle was proven to be successful in a test setup. Due to mechanical limitations, the IRONSperm cluster could not be tested in the vascular network, however, the preliminary experiments conducted in this paper offer good prospects for navigation inside a vascular network.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:50 technical science in general, 52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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