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Wearables and lifestyle

Roelofsen, D.F. (2023) Wearables and lifestyle.

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Abstract:This research is aimed at Sense-IT, an application which tries to assist its user in enhancing their emotional awareness by giving them feedback on their level of emotional arousal. It was found the algorithm that calculates these levels is too simple and that the protocol for using the application was lacking. Therefore research is conducted on how this protocol can be improved. A final prototype was made which uses a different algorithm to calculate the users level of emotional arousal. In addition instructions were added to the application which explains the basic functionalities to the user and helps them getting started with finetuning the application to their body in order for the application to give them the most accurate and personal feedback on their emotional arousal levels. The application was tested by four users in a within-subject design, meaning that the users have used both the current version of the application as well as the prototype that has been made. Afterwards the users were asked to rate the usability of the system. In addition they were interviewed to obtain their feedback on the prototype. It was found that the prototype was very usable and the instructions on the functionality of the application were found very clear. The users averagely rated the usability of the current Sense-IT version with 52,81 on the system usability scale (SUS) in comparison to the prototype which was rated 71,25 on the SUS. Based on the results of the SUS and the interviews it can be concluded that the prototype had improved the protocol for using the application.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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