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Psychometric Evaluation of a Revised Practice-Friendly Version of the Mental Health Continuum Short Form

Wulf, Julia (2023) Psychometric Evaluation of a Revised Practice-Friendly Version of the Mental Health Continuum Short Form.

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Abstract:Background: This exploratory paper aimed at investigating the psychometric properties of two revised versions of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form (MHC-SF), measuring mental well-being, in terms of their factor structure, internal consistency and distribution of item and scale scores. Both revised versions include reformulated items and four new items assessing social relationships while one (RQ-OF) retained the original response format (e.g., monthly, specific estimation of feelings) and the other (RQ-RF) includes an adapted response format (e.g., weekly, rough estimation of feelings). Methods: The used data was obtained from the LISS-panel, representing a true probability sample from the Netherlands. Analyses of the factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha, ceiling, and floor effects were conducted. Results: Both the RQ-OF and RQ-RF had a similar but poor fit on the three-factor structure. The internal consistency of both versions was excellent. On an item level, the RQ-RF displayed fewer ceiling effects and was hence more normally distributed than the RQ-OF. On a scale level, both were similarly normally distributed. Discussion: The change in response format only improved item distributions, with no improvements in factor structure, internal consistency, and scale distribution. Therefore, it remains inconclusive to determine the superiority of either version in terms of psychometric properties. Additional investigations are needed to validate the observed findings and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of response format changes on the psychometric properties.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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