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The Design of an Assessment Framework for the Drought Resilience of a Region; The case of Twente, the Netherlands

Willemsen, ir. Y.F. (2023) The Design of an Assessment Framework for the Drought Resilience of a Region; The case of Twente, the Netherlands.

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Abstract:Background: As a consequence of climate change, the likelihood increases that the Netherlands, historically a water-rich country, will experience more frequent and more severe droughts, causing significant degradation in social, economic and environmental functions. In order to capture the significant uncertainties of droughts, both regarding their meteorological characteristic as well as their social, economic and environmental impacts, drought resilience of a region is seen as key-element in the policy development for drought management. However, a field problem arises when policy-makers or consultants try to translate this theoretical idea of regional drought resilience into practice: there is no comprehensive understanding of what drought resilience of a region entails, also resulting in the absence of a readily available tool that can provide sound guidance on policies towards a drought resilient region. Research objective and methodology: To reduce this identified field problem, the main objective of this study was formulated as ‘Design an assessment framework that provides a comprehensive understanding of the drought resilience of a region as a tool to guide drought management policies’. To achieve this objective, design science methodology was employed based on the design cycle by Wieringa (2014), consisting of three distinctive design phases: a problem investigation phase, a design phase, and a validation phase. The implementation and evaluation phases of the full design cycle are not considered in this study.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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