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Representing a narrative of the Maroon culture through a virtual reality art exhibition

Hoogenkamp, J.N. (2023) Representing a narrative of the Maroon culture through a virtual reality art exhibition.

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Abstract:The Maroon is a culture from Suriname represented in the artworks of Remy Jungerman. Cultures like the Maroon are often underrepresented in museums, this, therefore, gives a skewed perspective. To represent a narrative of the Maroon culture, a virtual reality exhibition was created because such an exhibition is always accessible and could give added value in defining the narrative. The created virtual reality exhibition tries to convey a narrative of the Maroon by giving the visitor the option to walk onto the artwork and hear sounds related to the materials they stand on. These sounds give hints about what the meaning of the material is and therefore how a narrative of the maroon is represented in the artwork. To see whether the virtual reality exhibition represented the culture of the Maroon more than a regular exhibition, we conducted a user study. The participants were split into two groups. The first group experienced the virtual reality exhibition with the interaction of jumping onto the artwork and hearing sounds related to the material. The second group experienced the virtual reality without interactions. Both groups were given information and a video that gave hints about what the paintings represented. The time of each participant being in the virtual reality was recorded and an interview concerning what the paintings represent was held. The interviews were analyzed using content analysis. The results of the study are that the participants who experienced the virtual reality exhibition with all the interactions voluntarily spent more time in the virtual reality exhibition than the group who did not have the interactions. From the results of the interview, this group mentioned significantly more unique keywords concerning a narrative of the Maroon and the participants also mentioned important keywords such as culture, Suriname, and fabric more often than the other group. The group who experienced the interactions stated that due to the sounds and interactions with the material, they required more knowledge about the narrative than from the provided text and video. Therefore, it seems that the created interactive virtual reality exhibition represents a narrative of the Maron better than a regular exhibition. The use of a virtual reality exhibition can thus be a pivotal tool to create a more complete perspective by representing narratives of cultures of artworks.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:02 science and culture in general, 05 communication studies, 21 art forms
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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