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Improving packaging design process with emphasis on consumer perception and packaging design stakeholder roles

Bosch, C.R.V. van den (2023) Improving packaging design process with emphasis on consumer perception and packaging design stakeholder roles.

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Abstract:Packaging has several functions including provoking consumer perceptions and responses that could result in desired consumer behavior, e.g. buy or buy again. Since designing for consumer perception is seen as an impactful marketing tool, the packaging is frequently changed and the design process is started. Previous research has investigated the packaging design process and explained that different stakeholders are involved. The roles of stakeholders are not clearly indicated and the focus is mainly on the conservation, protection, and distribution of the product rather than on the consumer buying process [6]. Anticipating consumer perceptions when designing and testing packaging and ensuring clear roles for stakeholders in the process can reduce the risk of failure. Therefore the goal of the thesis was to design support for different stakeholders within a packaging design process to effectively design packaging that emphasizes the desired consumer perception. During the research, the definition of packaging and packaging categories were used to clearly describe which type of packaging falls within the scope. To focus on consumer perception different psychological models were investigated and the packaging characteristics that influence consumer perception were identified. Research has been conducted on how the packaging design process works both theoretically and in practice to clearly distinguish the roles and cooperation between different stakeholders. Interviews with various stakeholders of the design process were used to define the division of roles and communication within the packaging design process. This information was used as a basic framework for designing support for the packaging design process. The connection between consumer perception and packaging characteristics was implemented in several roadmaps that explain how to approach and implement design process steps to design packaging based on consumer perception.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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