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Characterizing a spring-based inductance sensor and investigating external object interference

Just, E.N.J. de (2023) Characterizing a spring-based inductance sensor and investigating external object interference.

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Abstract:Accurately sensing the shape and position of flexible and continuum robots is a significant challenge that hinders their functionality and effectiveness in various applications. This study is focused on characterizing a spring-based inductance sensor and investigating the interference of external objects. Existing sensing solutions face limitations when dealing with high elongation rates that exceed their measurement range. To overcome this limitation, a simplified instrumentation method using a commercially available measurement board and springs was developed. A measuring setup was designed and prototyped, and experiments were conducted to establish a mathematical relation between measured inductance and elongation of the spring. Additionally, the impact of large external objects on the sensor's measurements was investigated. Results showed that metal objects had the largest and most unpredictable impact on the measured inductance, while the impact of plastic and human tissue was stable and can be filtered out with proper calibration. The study contributes to the understanding of accurate sensing in high elongation rate applications and provides insights for advancing sensing capabilities in the field of flexible and continuum robotics. Further research is recommended to explore the effect of movement near the sensor.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:53 electrotechnology
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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