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Developing a Multi-Perspective Design Guide for Effective Learning Factories

Massa, J. (2023) Developing a Multi-Perspective Design Guide for Effective Learning Factories.

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Abstract:This thesis starts the development of a multi-perspective, continuous and non-linear design guide to ensure that learning factories are able to fulfil their primary purpose - effective learning. The design of learning factories is complex, requiring the proper integration of different perspectives (such as education and technology) to meet unique learning objectives, while remaining adaptable to evolving technologies and emerging challenges. Despite their potential, current implementations of learning factories often face limitations that hinder their primary goal. The research explores the fundamental concepts and principles associated with learning factories. It highlights the limitations of existing design approaches and underlines the need for a new design guide for effective learning factories that is capable of addressing the inherent complexity, adaptability requirements and limitations associated with these environments. The development of this design guide takes into account essential requirements and characteristics, focusing on providing a comprehensive overview of the dimensions of learning factory design, continuously supporting and aligning systematic decision making, ensuring usability and visibility and transparency. The key components of the design guide are systematically structured and form the central principle of the design guide, comprising a framework, methods, requirements and specification lists that collectively facilitate learning factory development. A small case study was used to validate the guiding principle and the initial design guide proposal, demonstrating a solid foundation for guiding the learning factory design process. This provided valuable insights for the development process of the design guide. The design guide should be adapted through practical use, possibly broadening its scope and deepening its content within different design elements. The guide should evolve continuously, taking into account different stages of the learning factory and adapting to changing needs. This thesis begins this evolutionary process by proposing a version of the design guide for early-stage learning factory development. This thesis offers a proposal that lays the groundwork for a design guide for effective learning factories. For further development, a continuous approach with practical application should be adopted to ensure the evolution of the design guide: providing a flexible approach to creating effective learning factories that can adapt and expand in response to the ever-changing landscape of education and technology.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:01 general works, 81 education, teaching
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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