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Improvement of the current Service Level Agreement of Denko-ICT

Korfage, Stijn (2023) Improvement of the current Service Level Agreement of Denko-ICT.

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Abstract:This research has been conducted at Denko in Oldenzaal. Denko was started in 2001 with the reparation of computers and electronica. Later Denko grew into a powerful Information Communication Technology (ICT) company. The company kept growing and more staff joined the company. In 2009 Denko found a new location, because the old location was too small for all the staff and services they provided. They sell software and hardware to their customers, and Denko also maintains these software and hardware. Examples of hardware are printers, monitors, workstations, routers, etc. Examples of software are online storage, Office 365, VoIP services, etc. The company is mainly focused on customers in the Netherlands, and at the moment the team of Denko consists of around 20 staff members of a mix of experienced and young talent. In today’s ICT environment, the security of information, standard procedures, and agreements between companies and customers have become more and more important. It is indicated that Denko did not have clear and up-to-date agreements about their service levels. These agreements are stated in a so-called Service Level Agreement (SLA). Denko made use of one standard SLA. This SLA was used for every customer, and also for every software and hardware the customers have from Denko. These not clear and outdated agreements caused that there occurred communication errors between the company and customers and also internally at Denko. Another issue that was the result of having a not clear and outdated SLA, is that the SLA could not be reported and monitored to the customers of Denko and the management of Denko. To solve this problem, this research focused on how the SLA of Denko could be (re-)designed in order to improve communication and increase customer satisfaction. So, the main research question covered by this thesis is expressed as follows: How can Denko improve its SLA, to increase customer satisfaction and improve communication with customers and internal communication within the company?
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Denko-ICT, Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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