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Designing a laundry care short cut to facilitate a time-saving and sustainable process

Bosmans, Babette (2023) Designing a laundry care short cut to facilitate a time-saving and sustainable process.

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Abstract:Executing domestic chores is a large part of everyone’s life. Every week people spend almost a day on these domestic chores, including laundry care. Reducing the time spend on domestic chores could drastically change people’s life. Therefore, the project is executed to investigate the laundry caring process to enable consumers to save a significant amount of time and significantly reduce its environmental impact. Literature and field research has shown that taking care of clothes takes a lot of appliance and mental energy, labour, microfibers, chemicals, clothing, and time. Due to consumers washing their clothes too much and too often the appliances are running constantly. This requires time, labour, and mental energy. By using these appliances, harmful chemicals pollute the waterways and microfibers that are being shed when laundered are ending up in the environment. Consumers own more and more clothing whereby approximately one-third of the items is not even worn. Reducing the amount of time people wash their clothes could result in prolonging the lifetime of a clothing item, reducing the environmental impact, and decreasing the time and costs spend on laundering. Awareness should be created as most consumers are unaware of the impacts of laundry care on the environment.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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