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Solvent Annealing as a post-treatment: towards single crystalline epitaxial MAPbI₃

Sojati, Rilda (2023) Solvent Annealing as a post-treatment: towards single crystalline epitaxial MAPbI₃.

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Abstract:This thesis focuses on solvent annealing (SA) as a post-treatment method to increase the grain size of epitaxial MAPbI3 thin films. SA involves annealing the thin films while introducing a polar-aprotic solvent vapour, specifically DMSO in this case. Parameters such as the SA time, solvent quantity, and temperature are investigated to assess their impact on the structure, morphology, and optical properties of the epitaxial thin films. Experimental characterization techniques including XRD, AFM, and PL are employed to evaluate the effects.The obtained results highlight the effectiveness of SA in promoting grain growth in MAPbI3 thin films, although the preservation of epitaxy remains a challenge. Furthermore, the presence of excess PbI2 precursor and low perovskite phase conversion are evident in most results. These issues are attributed to prolonged exposure of the thin films to DMSO vapour, leading to thermal degradation of the perovskite over time. Following this, a new SA method (SA method 2) was introduced to address these challenges, resulting in improved outcomes. This method showcased a significant improvement, with a grain size increase from 32.5 to 75 nm. Although this grain size increase is small, it further attests to the efficacy of the SA treatment and highlights the promising potential for further optimization of the SA parameters.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:35 chemistry, 51 materials science
Programme:Chemical Engineering BSc (56960)
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