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Investigating accessibility and related inequalities using a logsum metric grounded on a microscopic transport demand model

Mink, Robin (2023) Investigating accessibility and related inequalities using a logsum metric grounded on a microscopic transport demand model.

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Abstract:Many accessibility analyses practically applied in the Netherlands only model the behaviour of the average population. As a result, more specific questions like whether a measure increases disparities between people cannot be addressed. Therefore, there is a demand for more detailed approaches. One such approach is the emerging “Integrale kijk op bereikbaarheid” (IKOB) model. Moreover, the microscopic strategic transport demand model Octavius has just been completed by Goudappel. This model contains valuable information since it is one of the most detailed models to predict travel behaviour in the Netherlands. In this study, an approach is introduced to apply the information from the Octavius model to calculate accessibility with the so-called logsum approach as proposed by Ben-Akiva & Lerman (1985). Subsequently, the extent of application and the additional benefits in assessing accessibility to work and related inequalities using the devised metric is compared to the IKOB approach. This is achieved by applying both in a practical situation for the Municipality of Zwolle. For the comparison, an assessment framework is designed in which criteria are included that outline how a suitable accessibility measure should function. Both accessibility analyses are subsequently assessed with the framework by introducing five scenarios. This study concludes that results from the created logsum approach are more reliable to IKOB since all parameters are estimated with statistical procedures, while the latter considers expert judgment in several stages. Nevertheless, the model is less easy to work with than the IKOB approach. Furthermore, the assessment framework shows that the IKOB is a more extensive model as it considers more aspects of accessibility such as competition and relates available jobs to income. Therefore, a valuable first step is taken to establish a new accessibility approach in this study. Following this, the approach should be further developed to be more appropriate.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Goudappel, Deventer, Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:55 traffic technology, transport technology, 56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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