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Mental Health in daily life: Studying Mental Health, Stress and Acceptance using Ecological Momentary Assessment

Schwemin, Lukas (2023) Mental Health in daily life: Studying Mental Health, Stress and Acceptance using Ecological Momentary Assessment.

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Abstract:Background: In today's globalised and fast-living society, stress-related problems are experienced by many people. Stress influences health directly and can cause mental and physical issues, such as anxiety, depression, and headaches. One way to control perceived stress and its effects is through emotion regulation (ER). Emotion regulation focuses on peoples attempts to influence their emotions. This study uses the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) to investigates how state perceived stress is related to state levels of positive and negative affect, and to what extent trait acceptance moderates this relationship. Methods: The participants (N = 54) had a mean age of 23.41 and 34.5% were female. All participants included in the study had to fill in 10 questionnaires per day over one week (7 days) and one baseline questionnaire at the start of the study. To analyse the extent to which acceptance moderates the relationship between perceived stress on affect, linear mixed models were run. Results: A significant negative relationship was found between perceived stress and positive affect, and a significant positive relationship between perceived stress and negative affect. No significant effect was found regarding the moderation of acceptance of this relationship. Conclusion: In conclusion, the results found in this study, indicate, that trait acceptance is not related to the relationship between stress and affect. This stands contrary to previous literature connecting trait acceptance to both, stress and affect. It is important to further research these variables as some literature suggest acceptance to play a role in stress recovery, but not stress management (in the moment). Further insights in the relationship between acceptance, stress and affect, could be useful for stress management intervention design, and consequently decrease the burden on the health care system.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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