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Customer experience in digitalized touchpoints along the customer journey of a B2B wholesaler of semi-finished goods.

Asbroek, Maud (2023) Customer experience in digitalized touchpoints along the customer journey of a B2B wholesaler of semi-finished goods.

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Abstract:Purpose: this research paper aims to investigate how a traditional B2B wholesaler can optimize the customer experience in digitalized touchpoints within the B2B customer journey. It specifically focuses on understanding how customers of a Dutch Wholesale company of semi-finished goods, that operates in a traditional market, experience digitalized touchpoints. Methodology: the study uses a qualitative research approach through a case study design, focusing on a Dutch wholesaler called Coulisse, which operates in the window decoration industry. Data collection is done via semi-structured interviews in collaboration with Altuïtion, a customer experience consultancy agency. Purposive sampling is utilized to select participants, and interviews are transcribed, coded, and analyzed inductively to identify patterns, themes, and categories within the data. Results: the findings suggest that B2B customers are open to the integration of digital touchpoints in their journey, recognizing their advantages. However, several optimization opportunities are identified. First, it is of great importance for wholesalers to be transparent about delivery times and stock levels online in order to meet the customer expectations and reduce communication efforts. Second, the organization and display of product information on the website plays a big role, customers prefer a clean and uncluttered layout. Third, the integration of Application Programming Interface (API) solutions is seen as beneficial for seamless ordering processes. Lastly, marketing content is highly valued, only it should be considered to make this more personalized. Research implications: this paper contributes to the research in online customer experience in B2B context. It shows that B2B customers are expecting a more consumer-like experience and that they are positive with regards to digitalization of touchpoints as long as they are intuitive, seamless, and value adding. Originality/value: this paper investigates the specific case of customer experience in digitalized touchpoints in the context of a B2B wholesaler of semi-finished goods which is labeled as a very traditional market.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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