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Analysis of parking facilities in Enschede

Hof, M.M.A. van der (2023) Analysis of parking facilities in Enschede.

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Abstract:Urban car parking is increasingly problematic in both developed and developing nations. The rapid increase in car ownership has led to a shortage of parking spaces in many cities, and this imbalance between supply and demand for parking spaces can be seen as the root cause of parking issues. This mismatch is partially caused by inadequate land use planning and incorrect estimates of the amount of space needed in the initial stages of planning. A few common parking issues include a lack of parking spaces, expensive parking fees, and traffic backups caused by people looking for parking. (Ibrahim, 2017) Economic growth in cities is mostly based on individuals having access to commodities, services, activities and information. Cities heavily rely on automobile users since they form the backbone of modern society. The economic benefits rise with the efficiency and efficacy of this foundation due to agglomeration effects, and networking advantages. Cities with higher agglomeration levels have services closely located together and consequently have higher GDP per capita and productivity levels. Although large growing economies are beneficial for cities, the externalities caused by unplanned urban transportation contribute largely to greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Urban transportation is currently the largest single source of global transport-related carbon emissions as well as the main local source of urban air pollution, accounting for more than 60% of all miles travelled worldwide. (Rode et al., 2014) From this traffic, on average 34% of car users are cruising (looking for a parking spot). Studies have shown that the mean cruising time comes down to 8.0 minutes, meaning that valuable time is wasted and more avoidable congestion emerges. (Hampshire & Shoup, 2019) One can conclude that car usage is inevitable to support the economy. However, parking is a time�consuming and harmful phenomenon thatshould be resolved. Solving the cruising problem won’t clear the current pollution rate within the transport section but it can eliminate unnecessary emissions and save time making transportation more efficient. Currently, the city of Enschede is confronted with a parking challenge, because on one hand car users have difficulties in finding parking locations close to their desired activities, and on the other hand the current parking garages are underused. However, the municipality is busy with a major reconstruction of multiple parts of the city. These developments are categorized under Project ‘Centrumkwadraat’. Centrumkwadraat is a large project enforced by the municipality to create a more green and spacious city whilst maintaining its urban feel. Besides this new green and spacious feeling, a large mobility shift is ongoing. Car usage these days is far less self-evident in the city. Therefore, the municipality opts to create a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly city centre.
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