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Understanding the Value and Adoption of the International Patient Summary : Exploring Clinical Value, Facilitators, and Barriers.

Schippers, D. (2024) Understanding the Value and Adoption of the International Patient Summary : Exploring Clinical Value, Facilitators, and Barriers.

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Abstract:The International Patient Summary (IPS) is a set of basic clinical data that includes the most important health and care-related facts about a patient, enabling safe and secure healthcare. This summarized version of the patient’s clinical data gives health professionals the relevant information they need to provide care when there is an unexpected or unscheduled medical situation. Currently, there is insufficient information regarding the practical value of the IPS and its potential for improvement. This study explored the potential and value of the IPS to improve healthcare delivery. Moreover, the aim was to discover how the current value of the IPS can be further improved. Through a combined approach of literature review and interviews with healthcare professionals, the research investigated the clinical relevance and value, facilitators, and barriers to IPS adoption. With the combined results of these data collections, this study explores strategies and actions for successful implementation and fostering worldwide adoption. The findings highlight the significant clinical value of the IPS. Literature shows enhanced care quality, improved communication, and reduced healthcare costs. Interviews identify improved quality of care, more efficient access to relevant data, and enhancement of patient safety by ensuring healthcare providers have access to crucial patient information. However, challenges such as data security, technical limitations, and implementation costs hinder widespread use. Overall, the study validates the IPS's value proposition and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing its practical implementation. This involves utilizing the existing value of the IPS, while taking into account the identified facilitators and barriers, and focusing on the necessary actions to boost its adoption. Further research is recommended to deepen the understanding of IPS implementation factors and their practical effects on healthcare. By overcoming existing barriers and fostering collaboration, the IPS has the potential to become an important and standard-used tool in global healthcare.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Transformational Consulting in eHealth, Goor, Netherlands
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine, 85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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